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HewSaw R200 MSA
Product Number: 5872
- Four (4) strand infeed log deck c/w log stop and loader, approx. 16' wide x 20' long
- Infeed chain conveyor approx. 30' long c/w electric drive
- Short log debarker infeed centering mechanism c/w electric drive
- 18" Cambio debarker c/w five tool air bag rotor c/w belt drive, infeed and outfeed triangular feedworks c/w air tension cylinders and electric drive
- Outfeed chain conveyor approx. 40' long c/w log kicker and electric drive
- Debarker area operator's console and controls
- Two (2) infeed decks to HewSaw
- Lugged incline deck feeding HewSaw
- Infeed sort conveyor
- R200 MSA HewSaw - 8" capacity consisting of:
- HewSaw prefeeder infeed c/w three overhead holddown rolls and electric drive
- Infeed tire guide rolls
- Four (4) sided canter c/w double spiral canter heads
- Moveable double arbor saw assembly (unguided saws c/w provision for edging tools)
- Main arbor motors (575/3/60)
- HewSaw knife grinder
- HewSaw service and setup console
- Spare parts
- Motor control center
- Outfeed belt conveyor
- Outfeed belt conveyor to landing table
- Lumber landing table
- Still installed