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Custom Beam Press
Product Number: 5327
- 460 volt
- Minimum width 6"
- Maximum beam or billet size 24" wide x 36" high
- From two (2) only 2" x 6" to multiple pieces 24" wide to a maximum height of 36"
- Hydraulic cylinders for press c/w HPU
- Infeed and outfeed
- Automatic gluing for top of boards. It can use variable glues but polyurethane is the fastest.

How it operates:

The press has an infeed and outfeed. It comes in two (2) 12' long pieces so you can manufacture up to 24' long beams, timbers or blank billets for resawing. Boards are passed through the glue spreader lineally (top only is glued) and passed into the press area. All boars must be the same width and length for whatever product you want to make. It can be programmed to not glue certain boards so multiple beams or billets can be made at the same time. Boards can be finger jointed and/or side glued and used to make up the different products..

Side pressure is applied to get all boards lined up straight before the hydraulic cylinders on top push down to make the product. By using polyurethane glue (drying time can be as low as 90 seconds) a beam or billet can be manufactured approximately every five (5) minutes which make it a highly productive machine

The side gates lift and the product is discharged out the side of the press.