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End Dogging Carriage System
Product Number: 5217
- Log charger system
- Log stop and loader (air operated)
- Even ending rollcase c/w electric drive
- Log flipper assembly
- Four (4) sets of chain type turner assemblies c/w electric drive
- Four (4) arm charger c/w linear positioner for lift and common base c/w linear positioner for side shift

- End dogging carriage
- Tubular construction support frame
- Two (2) full length roundway slideways to support carriage frames
- Front carriage assembly c/w pivoting dog assembly and rubber tire hold down roll assembly
- Rear carriage assembly c/w pivoting dog, rubber tire hold down and hydraulically driven rack and pinion assembly to adjust space between carriages
- Single cable drive system c/w take up sheave. Note - DC carriage drive assembly not included
- Front and rear end bumpers
- Pantograph assembly

- 6' L & B reducer/twin bandmill
- Six (6) knife - key knife side head assemblies c/w linear positioners and main arbor motors
- Letson & Burpee 6' air strain bandmill, over hung wheel design, linear positioned top saw guide, linear positioner and main drive motors

- System hydraulic power unit
- No scanning and optimization
- PLC control system
- Still installed