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Almac Sawmill
Product Number: 4480
3 strand 25' long Live Log Infeed deck c/w
- Hydraulic feedworks
- H78 chain c/w head and tail sprockets
- Square tube chainways
- Support to ground
- Log stop load c/w dead skids and hydraulic cylinder

Almac Piston Type Log Turner c/w
- Hydraulic push and lift cylinders
- Heavy duty steel frame
- 4 way control valve
- Cast iron dogs

Almac Model 2 - Headrig c/w
- 16' 3-bunk carriage, hydraulic driven set shaft c/w adjustable wear plates on knees (36" opening)
- Hydraulic dogs c/w cant and board dog shifter job type setworks c/w dial clock assembly pantograph arm for hose
- All electric over hydraulic - valves
- 3 vee and 3 flat carriage wheels c/w axles and improved bearing system
- Sunstrand hydrostatic feedworks c/w cable winch drive auxiliary functions
- 48" steel track c/w cable sheaves
- 14" wide x 40' long slab clearing belt conveyor c/w diverter gate to edger, dump chute and hydraulic drive motors
- 6' x 6' Sawyer cab c/w chain and 2 sawyers control handles
- 16' 3-bunk carriage, hydraulic driven set shaft c/w adjustable wear plates on knees
- Hydraulic dogs c/w cant and board dog shiftier job type setworks c/w dial clock assembly pantograph arm for hose

Steel skid base c/w
- 12' wide x 60' long
- 18" I-Beam runners c/w lifting eyes
- Wide flange cross members to support headrig, log deck, log turner, slab belt and edger

Almac 6" x 36" Board Edger c/w
- Cast from single in and double outfeed rolls
- 1/2" side plates c/w quick opening door
- 7 single saws and collars c/w moveable saw shifter assembly
- Skate wheel transfer onto 5 roll infeed table
- Top breast roll for cants bypass
- Hydraulic feedworks
- Hydraulic roll lift assist
- Safety fingers
- Sawdust chute
- 150 HP electric motor and drive pulleys
- 30" wide x 40' long outfeed belt conveyor c/w electric gearbox drive

Cant Bypass Conveyor c/w
- 8" diameter Coleman roll c/w electric gearbox drive
- Formed trough c/w gravity rolls to end of building

Camel Back Landing Conveyor c/w
- 3 strand x 12' long
- H78 chain
- All steep frameworks c/w back and side stops
- Electric gearbox drive

2 Saw 16' Trimmer c/w
- 4 - 8X chain runs c/w lugs
- 2 - 5 HP saw arbor motors
- Electric gearbox feed drive
- Walk in section
- Lumber stop
- All steel frame
- Trim block chutes at saws
- 12" wide x 30' long formed steel trim block conveyor c/w electric gearbox drive

Green Chain Conveyor c/w
- 3 strand x 40' long
- Electric gearbox drive
- 3/8 profitted chain c/w 6 pocket chain wheels
- All steel construction
- All steel lumber carts

Main Mill Refuse Conveyors
- Approximately 120' and 100' long
- 6" long link chain c/w angle iron flights
- Formed steel trough
- Head and tail pulleys
- Heavy duty electric gearbox drives
- Support legs to pilings at ground level

Complete Mill Electrical Components (480v) c/w
- Main breaker
- Splitter c/w starters and disconnects
- Transformer c/w 120 volt service panel for lighting and control power
- 8 section Square D motor control center
- Cable tray c/w tech cable to all mill equipment

Maintenance Room Contents and other miscellaneous equipment
- 2 disk type cut off saw
- Misc. mill hand tools and tool boxes
- Misc. spare parts, electrical, mechanical and supplies
- 7 new 18" carbide edger saws
- Green carbide saw post grinder c/w spike wheels
- "From" Banding tool c/w strap and 2 carts
- Lot of spare trim saws
- Spare head saw
- Miscellaneous Fasteners
- Spare belting c/w lacing
- Hydraulic pump