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16.5 MW Coal/Wood-Fired Power Plant
Product Number: 3661
General Electric turbine generator, 15-stage, rated 900# @ 900F, WYE connected generator rated 13.8 KV @ 60 HZ hydrogen cooled

- Babcock & Wilcox boiler, mfr 1967, rated 175,000 #/hr, 900# @ 900F, 4,860 sq ft economizer section
- Fuel Feed: 6 Detroit Stoker chain type spreaders Feeders (2 spares), 3 air swept refuse spouts w/balanced, damper & rotating air damper
- Combustion controls: Foxboro 761 series single station Micro plus controllers, Bailey series 10 I/P positioners and Foxboro transmitters
- Dust collection: Vane type multi-clone collector, 10-rotary Vane re-injects, flex-Kleen baghouse system w/secondary induced draft fan
- Feed water pumps: 2 each Pacific model JTCH rated 382 gpm@1167 psi (one due for rebuild) 2 each Worthington feed pumps rated 450 gpm (due for rebuild) Fisher 4194 controller
- Air handling: Westinghouse 125 HP side stream ID fan, Allis-Chalmers 300 HP Clarage ID fan, Allis-Chalmers 100 HP Clarage FD fan, 2 each Buffalo 30 HP over fire air fans
- Ash handling: United Conveyor Corp. (UCC), steam powered Nuveyor exhauster utilizing a separator, a micro-pulseaire, Dry dust collector and an air washer/scrubber, storage bin w/rotary ash unloader
- Coal handling: 2 each Eriez magnetic vibrators, 1 magnetic Separator, 1 coal crusher, 120 ft of conveyor belt & 100 vertical feet of bucket elevator
- Refuse handling system: 6 each screw, variable speed drive (VSD) yard hopper, 80 ft take away screw conveyor, 75 vertical feet of bucket elevator, 3 screw VSD roof top hopper, 150 ft of take away screw conveyor, 20 HP air swept spout blower, 3 air swept spouts
- Water conditioning equipment: 1 Cochrane Model D UNI_PAK Demineralizer (10,000 gal capacity), 1 Cochrane regenerant Waste neutralizer, 2 each Aurora 100 gpm makeup pumps.
- Condensate system: DeLaval condenser, 2-pass, 15,000 sq. ft of cooling surface, 2 each Byron-Jackson 350 gpm condensate pumps, 3 ea low pressure extraction steam condensate heaters, 1 LP extraction steam dearating heater.
- Electrical panels: GE metal clad switchgear type 36.5, Magne-blast AM-13.8-500-5H breakers, 13.8 KV GE protective; Relays, various GE instruments, 540 KVA GE current limitor Westinghouse 13.8 KV/480 V station service transformer, Cutler Hammer MCCs